Are you in a relationship without chemistry?

Did you once have it? Are you wondering if you can recreate it? Can you have love without chemistry? How do you define chemistry in a relationship, or marriage? All of these questions are important, but finding answers you can live with may be difficult. Here’s help.

A Relationship can create both the most rewarding and the most emotionally trying experiences in life. One of the biggest challenges in marriage is communication. Two ways we can help couples are: first, to learn to listen to each other so you both “feel” heard, and second, to speak with each other so you both feel understood. Your relationship is unlike any other; our approach addresses the uniqueness of your situation. For more information about the work we do as marriage counselors in Austin TX.

Do you feel stuck and unable to resolve marital problems with your partner? Are you uncertain how to move forward and make your relationship what it once was? Are you dealing with the end of a relationship, a potential break-up, affair recovery, or a divorce? Whether your concerns are related to infidelity, abuse, jealousy, anger, lack of commitment, or a controlling or unresponsive spouse – counseling and coaching can help. The key is to understand the true source of these problems; we’ll give you suggestions to overcome them, and encourage you to set and achieve goals that help you resolve past difficulties and put them where they belong – behind you.

Good relationships don’t just happen, they’re created.

david-with-girlsIntimacy and partnership are the main purposes of a relationship. Through counseling, we help couples resolve conflicts and create loving and supportive marriages. Learn effective solutions with practical tools and new hope. Begin to make the changes you most want after a brief relationship assessment. Couples are unique; we offer insights and solutions for your particular needs. We are life coaches and we help couples through goal achievement.

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If one advances confidently in the directions of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. ~ Thoreau
Begin again to hope and to realize your dreams!

David is incredibly adept at pinpointing the root cause of overly complex issues and simplifying them. He taught us to be strong as a single unit in order to be strong as a couple. He challenged us to, as individuals, look within, face our insecurities, confront our shortcomings, and celebrate our strengths. Further, he motivated us to better understand and uncover the needs of one another. As a result, we grew as individuals and as a couple, and are excited to continue this journey based on his insights. All in all, David was incredible. He is amazingly talented, bright, and giving and we often left his office mesmerized by his abilities as a counselor, life coach, and friend.

Nita and Sameer